Portable woodburning stove, heats up tents, yurts & tiny homes


So what does it do?

Set-up takes just minutes.
Cook with multiple pans at once on the top.
Remove the top plate for direct heat from the flames, or replace for a more even heat.
Heat any space, from a small shed to a large yurt or tipi, using the door vent to control heat.




Also: >>Portable Camping Wood Cooking<<


For more information, visit Frontier Plus’ Kickstarter.

43 Responses to “Portable woodburning stove, heats up tents, yurts & tiny homes”

  1. John Day says:

    Would like to know who sells these here in the states! Thanx.. John

  2. Morigana ross says:

    How much I am in new Zealand but this would suit us

  3. Denise says:

    How much does this weigh?

  4. Dustin Miller says:

    This is amazing!

  5. Robert A Andrews says:

    want to how much cost.Were can i get one

  6. Robert A Andrews says:

    were can i get one and how much

  7. Marc Desmas says:

    Were can we buy one?

  8. Steve Lesway says:

    Where can these be ordered from and what is the price?

  9. Doug Robinson says:

    Please email me prices and model info…
    Thank you!

  10. gary says:

    with the pics i can make one of my own. i do a lot of camping and this is a way cool ideal. should not be too hard to make one. Seeing as how i am a mechanical millwright.

  11. Leslie Martin says:

    I hope they make them with four legs. Those three legged ones don’t look very sturdy. Would still love to have one though – with four legs LOL

    • Ken Tyner says:

      Agree with Leslie, one more leg could make it so much safer, or so it seems. Also wondering why the stove pipe connections appear to be made in reverse order?

    • Yvonne Christain says:

      If you click on the link above that takes you to Amazon.com you will see it has four legs.

  12. Leslie Martin says:

    Around $90 on amazon

  13. pam says:

    Just above the second photo there are red words ” >>Also: Portable Camping Wood Cooking<< " If you click on that … it will take you to Amazon for additional specs, pricing and purchase information

    • todd says:

      that link takes you to a stove that appears similar but is not the same. there are 2 on amazon.com and neither is quite the same as the one pictured here.

      so… what is the cost and where can this one be purchased? is it not available?

      it would be better to have it with 4 legs. there is one on amazon that has 3 legs and one that is 4.

  14. Marilyn says:

    We use wall tents often in many types of weather. My question is how do you fold up your tent with the flashing kit still attached? It looks like it will compromise the tent. Or do you remove it every time? The stove looks good but the flashing, not so sure… We have tents from bravotents.com. They have a stove jack built into the wall which consists of completely fireproof bendable material. Works very well.

  15. Robert says:

    Like to purchase one of these who sell them

  16. Jamie Thacker says:

    We’re can I buy one.and what is prices.

  17. Christof says:

    This is lame! You show images of a product and then link it to some piece of crap on Amazon without ever giving credit to the original designer/produce?

  18. Zangpo says:

    I am wishing so much that I get a friend somewhere who will buy it and ship it to me here in Bhutan. Willing to pay all expenses incurred.

  19. alex p says:

    look up montana wall tents. they have stoves made in utah.

  20. David says:

    Risk assessment needed! Any one who has used a wood burner would know that set up will not work out. Stove might be fine but the installation is very suspect.

  21. Mamieava says:

    Use the Kickstarter link. $460

  22. Ria Swift says:

    Any attachments for an apartment? Can’t cut a hole in the glass.

    thanks, Ria

    • jeroboambramblejam says:

      Find/buy a silicone rubber baking sheet or pan; remove the entire glass pane and adapt the pipe to the sheet replacing the pane. We might need to know the max temperature at the interface… these silicone products endure above 400 F.

  23. Wendy says:

    Read the entire article, folks. Very last line under final picture:

    “For more information, visit Frontier Plus’ Kickstarter.”

  24. Pham says:

    If you want that exact model, it’s called the “Frontier PLUS Stove” Mostly sold in Europe but starting to be carried in the states. The Amazon version is much cheaper but doesn’t look as well built. Be sure to check what installation extras it may come with. Most include a portable carrying bag and other attachments. The PLUS model includes the little window on the door.

    PLUS: canvascamp.us/us_en/tent-stoves/portable/frontier-portable-622.html
    STANDARD: canvascamp.us/us_en/frontier-portable.html

  25. Diana says:

    where can I by one ? this said they would be ready in 2016 and this is 2018 now .

  26. Diana says:

    I think it weas a scam they aren’t replying to any questions

  27. Chemalurgy says:

    This one is cheaply made and would be difficult to keep going because it’s so small. They sell better quality ones at Cabellas, Bass Pro, or Dick’s. Remember that you need enough space for oxygen to keep the fire hot and that will fit enough wood to keep it lit for more than 30 minutes at a time. Having 4 legs instead of 3 would provide more stability, too.

  28. Sean says:

    In Australia, I’ve heard they aren’t too good for cooking as the firebox is small. I was referred to MGC firepots on Facebook.
    They have a camp heater called the “wombat” I love it. Money well spent.
    Link below and they can freight Australia wide

  29. Tri Pod says:

    Items with four legs are far easier to tip over than those with three.

  30. Dausy says:

    Amazon has them. Took me all of 3 seconds to find it for dale

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