Prefab Tiny House Assembles in One Day


Raising a house in a day isn’t just wishful thinking. With the Koda Tiny Prefab it is reality! The innovative design of the product brought forward by Estonian design company Kodasema will allow dismantling or reassembly in just 7 hours! The 25 square-meters base of the Koda makes it suitable for a small plot. If you have a level footing, connection points for water, sewage and electricity you are good to go. Don’t be fooled by the delicate look of the home, because the shell is well-insulated even though it seems thin at firs. Also, the windows are quadruple glazed to insure all the comfort inside. Check out the house plans, watch the video with the construction and good luck with your own building process!

“Much of our quality of life depends on both our home and its location meeting our needs. When choosing where to live however, we may take risks on both fronts. It can be difficult to make major changes to a conventional home as inconvenient and extensive repairs are often involved, or even full demolition and reconstruction.
Moreover, houses and apartments can’t be moved – but KODA can. KODA is free-standing, not fixed to the ground, and its design and structure allow it to be assembled and disassembled many times over. Dismantling and preparation for transport can therefore take as little as four to seven hours – even less if you simply want it to face a different direction. All of this gives you more freedom to make changes to suit your needs.”




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