Private Residence by Fine-Arc

Israeli studio Fine-Arc completed the design of a striking two story contemporary home in Israel, showcasing opulence and a highly modern architecture. The metallic fence which hints the way towards the main entrance is in perfect visual tune with the facade facing the street, letting out a sober, almost impervious feel. A game of horizontal lines defines this particular side of the residence, yet there is nothing too playful about its overall ”sealed” impression. The opposite facade however completely opens up to the inner yard and swimming pool, each of the rooms having large windows and unobstructed views.

The open plan living and dining space is probably the most spectacular interior of the L-shaped house, with plenty of room for formal or friendly gatherings. The interiors are characterized by a minimalist approach spiced up by tasteful decors and inspiring wooden additions. Can you let us in on your favorite design details?  [Photos by: Mikaela Burstow Uziel]

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