Protect The Children By Anchoring Large Furniture, Televisions and Appliances


You know when people say a child changes everything in your life. Actually, the saying should include your house because with a kid exploring everything around, running or climbing almost every piece of furniture, you have to make some changes, if you care about their safety of course. The solution isn’t complex or costly. With the device shown in the video a TV set is prevented from falling over your loving son or daughter when they curiously pull or push on the furniture that supports it. The solution is in anti-tip devices! Easily installed and rather inexpensive, they will prove a great help in case of mishap. It can even work with you not having the possibility to anchor the TV furniture to the wall. Instead, secure the TV station to a lower, sturdy base, like the drawer itself. Check out the video provided to see what you risk if you don’t have these in your home and how safe it can be when you do have them!



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