Protect Your Stuff On The Beach With The Beach Vault


Outdoor activities will become increasingly popular during the summer months, so you better be prepared for that. If the beach is a viable option for your spare time, you might want to take a look over this exciting device. The Beach Vault was designed to properly store a valuable item that you must take with you at the beach, where there aren’t any lockers available. The man behind the idea, DaCunha Marcal, went on to invent this useful device with one thing in mind: relaxing at the beach. You don’t want stressing out about where your stuff is and if they are positioned safely enough.




The intuitive shape of the Vault will allow for easy burring into the sand at a depth of 12 inches. The part visible at the surface of the sand can be (and it should be) covered with its designed pre-cut towel. It comes with this included, so you can safely insert the vault and hide afterward with a pillow or another towel. The material it’s made out of is completely waterproof and with an estimated cost of £18, it surely beats any similar creative objects out there. Next time you consider going for a swim, take out the issue of where are you going to leave your phone, wallet or keys safely, because the Beach Vault will take care of your issue. Now go have a relaxing trip to the beach!

beach-vault-secure-2[Image Courtesy of BeachVault/BNPS]


beach-vault-secure-5[Image Courtesy of BeachVault/BNPS]



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