Want a Quick Power Nap at Work? This Clever Chair Will Help You Catch a Few Winks

Exhaustion is a widespread issue affecting 62% of adults worldwide, significantly impacting both health and productivity. Addressing this challenge, the Power Nap Chair emerges as a revolutionary solution designed to facilitate quick and effective power naps at work. Conceptualized by Martin Tsankov and inspired by his business partner Milen Kisov, who experienced a productivity boost from power naps, this chair integrates scientific insights into its design. Short naps of 15-30 minutes are known to enhance cognitive function, memory, and cardiovascular health. Unlike bulky and expensive sleeping pods, the Power Nap Chair is sleek and comfortable, providing a dedicated space for naps within office environments. Its innovative design includes a hood that offers privacy, allowing users to disconnect and relax fully. This feature makes it suitable for both open-plan offices and smaller workspaces.

Sustainability is a key aspect of the Power Nap Chair, with its construction emphasizing environmentally friendly materials. The chair comprises a metal frame, an upholstered wooden body, and a foldable hood, each component meticulously crafted. The frame is made from powder-coated carbon steel profiles, ensuring durability, while the body consists of 104 CNC-milled birch plywood triangles, hand-sanded and finished with non-toxic linseed oil. These triangles are then encased in biodegradable memory foam and upholstered in woolen fabric. The hood, also made from this fabric, is designed for easy storage and essential privacy. Tsankov aims to shift societal views on workplace rest with this modern, productivity-enhancing product. Winning the A’ Design Award and exhibiting the final prototype at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2024, the Power Nap Chair promises a blend of comfort, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal, awaiting mass production.

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