Quilt Launches Whole-Home Heat Pump System With “Thoughtful Design”

Launching today in the US and Canada, Quilt’s new heat pump system merges high functionality with aesthetic appeal, aiming to entice homeowners to transition to low-carbon heating and cooling. Designed by Studio Mike and Maaike in collaboration with the California start-up Quilt, the system features both outdoor and indoor units that emphasize modern, architectural aesthetics. The outdoor unit boasts a sleek, matte black design, while the indoor unit resembles built-in cabinetry, complete with a paintable front panel and integrated lighting. Accompanying these units is the Quilt Dial, a room thermostat, and a user-friendly app for comprehensive control and energy tracking. The overall design ensures the system is not only efficient but also a visually pleasing addition to any home.

Co-founder and CEO Paul Lambert highlights the company’s commitment to thoughtful design and a seamless user experience, a sentiment echoed by Mike Simonian of Mike and Maaike. Simonian noted that previous slow adoption rates of heat pumps in the US were partly due to uninspired designs and complex user interfaces. In response, their studio focused on creating an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and cohesive system that integrates effortlessly into home environments. The design includes an architectural outdoor unit that blends with its surroundings and customizable indoor units, available in oak veneer or paintable white covers, to match various interior decors. Additionally, the Quilt Dial’s angled screen enhances readability, and the use of advanced technology like millimeter wave radar sensors ensures optimal energy use. This design-led approach positions Quilt as a pioneering force in the transition to sustainable home climate solutions.

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