Rainbow Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe


Making tasty food isn’t enough these days. You have to put on a visual show as well. Not to brag about your artistic skills, but instead to delight the other participants at the table and perhaps lure them into tasting something they would otherwise not try. Take a look at the rainbow cauliflower crust pizza, isn’t it so beautiful and colorful? Does it matter it only has veggies as topping? Because of the various colors, your brain is naturally attracted to it. So the bite of the veggie pizza is only a step away. You could alternatively use any other kind of vegetable in season or some other favorite toppings. The trick in achieving a similar result is dicing the ingredients into really small pieces and arranging them from light to dark. Thus, the rainbow effect is achieved and your pizza is ready to be served!


Rainbow Cauliflower Crust Pizza – Recipe – Ingredients + Directions

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