Ranch-Style Mirrored House Is a Chameleon Among the Mountainous Swiss Alps

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to become invisible from time to time and isolate yourself for a short period? Doug Aitken’s latest installation is about the concept of isolation and reflects upon the beauty of the Swiss Alps.
The piece of art is called Mirage Gstaad and it is a home completely covered in mirrors so that the surroundings can reflect in it. The ranch-style house was installed in Gstaad, Switzerland and it blends with the surroundings, almost disappearing and becoming one with the snowy mountains.
The home’s interior features even more mirrors, and the kaleidoscopic effect created by these are truly mesmerizing. The design was inspired by the work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the iconic American West, reimagined as an echo chamber. Aitken’s aim with this installation was to create a disruption in the scenery and to emphasize the intervention of humans in nature, by creating a sublime piece.
But Aitken’s Mirage Gstaad is the 3rd reenactment of this work, as he previously installed it in 2017 in the desert located outside of Palm Springs and in 2018 inside a former bank in Detroit.
The installation from the Alps will remain there for 2 years, so it might be a good idea to start planning a trip there.

Doug Aitken, Mirage Gstaad, 2019
Part of Elevation 1049: Frequencies, Gstaad, Switzerland.
Image courtesy of the Artist; Photo Torvioll Jashari.

Doug Aitken: Website

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