A Real Challenge to the Gardener: Rhododendron Cynthia


Rhododendrons and azaleas are among the most popular of garden shrubs because of their wonderful variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. Selecting the best species or hybrids for various garden situations can present a real challenge to the gardener. Rhododendron Cynthia is a lovely old hybrid with strong rosy crimson flowers with extensive darker markings in a large conical truss. This is a popular variety flowering in May-June. It is very vigorous and grows into a huge dome shaped bush. Height 180-200cm in 10 years.

Sonja Nelson, editor of the Journal American Rhododendron Society, offers practical and inspiring guidance on how best to use rhododendrons, starting with a brief explanation of basic design principles that serve as guidelines for creating many different kinds of gardens. Learn more about Rhododendrons from “Rhododendrons in the Landscape” (book) by Sonja Nelson.



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