Rechargeable Bug Vacuum Spider Catcher


Here’s a useful idea for our home. This vacuum spider catcher is now available here. Learn more about this product in the following.

★Easy to catch bugs, roaches, creepy crawlies, spiders, Bees, Wasps, Moths and any other insect that may creep its way into your house from a distant and safe reach.
★This vacuum is powered by a built-in rechargeable Battery, already installed in the device, charged with a USB cable which is included in the package.
★Eco-friendly, non-toxic, humane and chemical free

Rechargeable Bug Vacuum Spider Catcher

Rechargeable-Bug-Vacuum-Spider-Catcher-1 more details here…

2 Responses to “Rechargeable Bug Vacuum Spider Catcher”

  1. Monika Lewis says:

    Where do i putt the solar panels now???

  2. Toni Marsh says:

    Perfect for the boat, we have lots of solar power.

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