Reclaimed Wood Cabins


If you’re considering to live in tiny home, either for good or for a vacation, then the following collection of cabins will definitely help you. Jalopy Cabins are recommended because of their lower utility costs, for example they’re easier to cool and heat. Also, you spend a lot less time cleaning and maintaining the inside and outside. Besides the benefits listed previously, you have the most awesome of features to put the final cabins on the trailer and have them delivered right to your location. The manufacturers use recycled lumber as well as lots of salvaged pieces, like windows or doors. There are energy efficient systems (like solar or wind power) and appliances (i.e. washing machine). The builders can fit anything you would find in a normal home, like toilet, hot water, stove and oven. Actually, they include nice sleeping lofts and unique elements, like counter tops made out of reclaimed Douglas fir beams; now that’s impressive! Depending on the size and facilities, prices range from $5,000 up to $40,000. Check out all the models available and take the step to living in your own cabin!

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1. The Cortez Cabin

This cabin is fully equipped with a very efficient solar system providing them with all power needed as well as high density foam in the ceiling. Price range for this type of cabin is between $15,000 – $20,000.










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