Recycle An Old Barn Door Into A Beautiful Sliding Door


Give a rustic touch to your interior design with a simple old barn door. The project we suggest you to implement is not an ordinary repurposing, but a definite improvement. Save an old barn door and turn it into a stylish sliding door for your home. This is a simple DIY adventure which will bring the room you finally install the door into a unique touch. Opting for a sliding door instead of a regular one is a move with which you will impress guests and friends alike. Also, it will save you a bit of space in the room, leaving room for placing a beautiful piece of decoration, like a statue or a vase. Read the instructions on how to transform an old barn door into a beautiful sliding door in just a few steps. Make sure you improve the look of your home with a DIY solution that will bring a rustic touch like the one featured here. Good luck!

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