Refrigerator Made Out of Clay Does Not Require Energy to Cool Food


An Indian entrepreneur developed a refrigerator made out of clay, an invention that people can use to store and keep cool their food without using energy at all. Mansukhbhai Raghavbhai Prajapati, a Gujarat-based potter, created this natural MittiCool refrigerator in order to offer an alternative to people from the rural areas, since often they are unable to afford a conventional fridge.
The MittiCool fridge uses the natural cooling effect of water evaporation which keeps vegetables fresh for a long period, even for a week. Furthermore, it is possible to store milk for up to 3 days in it. This fridge is equipped with two shelves: one for vegetables and fruits, and one for storing milk.



The best thing about this invention is that it supposedly preserves the original taste of the food, besides being very affordable. Moreover, it does not run on electric power, which makes it work even in cases of power outages.

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    Dear sir / madam, I am searching the supplier / vendor of Miti cool refrigerator. PLease contact me at 9829702112.

  2. Aaron Ayitey says:

    Pls, I want direct contact with this man. Am a Ghanaian and interested in this product

  3. gaia says:

    Does it work in climates with high humidity???

    • Tom says:

      No, it would not be efficient as cooling can only occur as a result of water evaporation from the surface of the clay fridge body, and during times of high humidity this does not occur effectively.

    • david says:

      Since it is based on evaporative cooling, there will be a direct reduction in its cooling efficiency as humidity increases

  4. Les says:

    More details on specification please, great concept for semi tropic and tropic climates. Exporting?

  5. Dennie says:

    I’m interested in finding the creator designer for this unit.
    Please respond.

  6. Jennifer Spicer says:

    More information please on the design of this. Much love and gratitude for your expression of a connect d global community! ??✌????

  7. Robin says:

    Hi, his is amazing to be and seem like a revival of ancient earth tech that has been kept from humanity, i am in the UK but we are struggling over here with money and surviving because we get hammered with the cost of EVERYTHING and the average wage really makes things very much harder to live, ppl are feeling the pinch the world over as the corporations close in on humanity, i would save up day and night to get one of these fridges because in the long one this will same money and help ppl to free them selves “just a little” from the energy company’s that keep poor ppl tied to them, heating over here is very expensive, these fridges would mean a lot to a lot off ppl here in the UK and the world over, the only thing is, this kind of tech you have developed will catch the eye of the corporations who really don’t like anything that free humanity from their corporate grip so please watch your back, but thank you for inspiring those who feel they don’t have much option because of the way things are run, feel free to email me to discuss further, i wait with baited breath for a response from you, i hope you contact me, ty for all your time and effort and for giving a damn about humanity…. Regards Robin….

  8. Sondra says:

    Go to

  9. Inge Astrid says:

    woo..thats not just extremely cool (pun intended) but also extremely beautifull! Love it!

  10. Nancy Phillips says:

    Interested in clay refrigerator. Prices and where to order and more information please

  11. Evelyn says:

    We have very high humidity, how can I get one!

  12. Dale fredricks says:

    Can I have link and can ot be shipped to usa

  13. Alison Gilbert says:

    Are these available in the uk please?

  14. Sue Furnell says:

    Would love one here in the UK ❤️

  15. Wes Lassiter says:

    I’d more than be grateful for information you might send and any investment opportunities.

  16. Andrew says:

    How does it work? Thermodynamic speaking

  17. Marian says:

    Im interested in purchasing a clay fridge for use in Ireland. Can you send me an email address.

  18. Lady Gray says:

    I would like to know more about this product and bulk purchase

  19. John says:

    January 27, 2020 yes very interested. The cost? Howcan it be shipped to Lomé, Togo west Africa. It is a major port but I need to know the cost and how long would it take.

  20. Nancy Phillips says:

    Do you sell to the USA? Very interested in purchasing one.

  21. Bob Carter says:

    Interested n all information on this. Specs and availability. Thanks.

  22. Jeremy Lansman says:

    Seems very improbable.

  23. Krishna Lathia-James says:

    Brilliant Idea, so proud of this development as my origins are Prajapati same as this young man , my grandfather was a potter in Gujarat until he gave it up and learned carpentry and went to Africa to work. There I saw pottery being done by relatives and was forever fascinated by it.
    Is there any way of making this here in UK or are you exporting it?


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