Rehabilitated Andean Condor Released Back Into Wild

In the heart of Mendoza, Argentina, a poignant tale of resilience and rehabilitation unfolds with the remarkable story of Angel, a majestic Andean condor. Angel’s journey began with adversity when the endangered bird fell victim to poisoning through toxic bait. Discovered in a weakened state, Angel was rescued in September, by dedicated wildlife conservationists from┬áthe Fundacion Cullunche who worked tirelessly to nurse the condor back to health. The recovery process was extensive, involving meticulous care and rehabilitation efforts to restore Angel’s strength and vitality, emphasizing the collective determination to save this emblematic species from the brink of peril.

After an arduous but successful rehabilitation, Angel was ready to return to the wild, becoming a symbol of hope and triumph over adversity. The moment of release marked a significant milestone not only for Angel but also for the ongoing efforts to protect and conserve the Andean condor population. With wings outstretched, Angel soared back into the skies of Mendoza, showcasing the power of compassion, resilience, and collaboration in ensuring the survival of endangered species. Angel’s triumphant return to the wild stands as an inspiration to the unwavering commitment of those who strive to protect and rehabilitate wildlife, embodying the spirit of coexistence between humanity and the magnificent creatures that share our planet.

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