Repurposed Crib Dog Crate Idea


Kids grow up, it’s natural and good it happens quite fast, nobody wants to change diapers for a decade! But what happens with the stuff you acquired when you had a toddler in your care? Well, some you can give away to friends that might find themselves in the same situations. Others you can repurpose. In the following project, you will find out how to transform a crib into a lovely dog crate. It’s very simple and the photos provided in the tutorial might prove quite self-explanatory. To be certain, read the instructions featured there and follow the step by step tutorial. At the end you will save some money and have a happy dog by your side! And a nice trick to share with your parents-to-be friends.

Dog crates can be expensive… in this case you have a option to build it..

repurposed-crib-into-dog-crate-1First up, she had to get the crib ends cut to size.



Here’s a detailed tutorial with step by step do’s and don’ts…

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