Retired Dad Spends Every Day Making Beds And Toys For Rescue Cats

In the heartwarming tale of 79-year-old Jaeshin Ha, retirement has become a chapter of boundless compassion and creativity. After running a successful men’s clothing shop for four decades, Jaeshin and his wife embraced a well-deserved retirement in 2019. However, instead of slowing down, Jaeshin embarked on a new and heartwarming journey. His newfound passion revolves around crafting cozy beds and playful toys for rescue cats. Transforming his retirement years into a daily mission of feline care, Jaeshin dedicates his time to creating handmade beds and toys that radiate love and comfort. His daughter, Christina, recognizing the magic in her father’s creations, took to TikTok to showcase the heartwarming products. The response was nothing short of extraordinary, as people from all corners of the internet resonated with Jaeshin’s dedication to improving the lives of rescue cats.

Beyond the joy of creating, Jaeshin’s handmade cat beds find their way into the homes of feline friends through various channels. When available, these lovingly crafted items are made accessible through Meow Parlour’s website and the cozy confines of the brick-and-mortar café. Additionally, they reach a wider audience through, allowing cat lovers everywhere to bring a piece of Jaeshin’s heartfelt dedication into their homes, while simultaneously supporting the welfare of rescue cats. In Jaeshin Ha’s retirement, every stitch and every toy symbolizes a commitment to spreading warmth and kindness to our feline companions.

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