Richard Clarkson Thunderstorm Lamp


Making the décor of your room something quite impressive does take some creativity and a bit of technical skill. Today, we present you an amazing and unique project which will definitely add an ingenious touch to your interior design. The Cloud is a blend of electronics and decorations brought to the general public by Richard Clarkson Studio. The outer surface of the sponge-casing is made using felted hypoallergenic fiberfill. Inside the casing you will find a speaker and all of the electronics needed to provide a truly thunderstorm ambience inside your home; that includes an interactive lamp and a few motion detectors. The design product can be provided directly from the manufacturer for $3,360 although non-interactive similar lamps might cost much lesser. Asses what exactly of an atmosphere do you want to create in your living or bedroom and make the appropriate choice. But consider this impressive and interactive thunderstorm lamp as a one-of-a-kind design element.





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