How To Make a Rocket Stove


Cooking outdoors shouldn’t be rocket science, but it can definitely work with a tiny rocket stove. We will show you how and why. The advantages of using such a device instead of a full-size grill, is that you will be able to make one when reaching the desired place for camping, even if you’ve forgotten the one you made at home. With a weight of half a kilogram or one pound, the much cheaper DIY stove could be a real alternative to a modern stove. And when you think about teaching young ones of the ways to cook away from a computer, this could be the easiest way of doing so. Here is what materials you need to have:

• a marker;
• a pair of Tinner’s snips;
• a couple of large (800 ml) cans;
• an 18 by 15 cm diameter can with a lid;
• thick gloves (to protect you from all the cutting);
• some fiberglass insulation;



Want to see full tutorial for this Rocket Stove? Go here then ..

12 Responses to “How To Make a Rocket Stove”

  1. Derick Robins says:

    Thank ye fae yer inspirational wirds///the pic’s are brilliant, a ha’e tae try it oot. Thanks fae post’n it

    • roy says:

      instead of being appreciative for receiving info. that could possibly help you out in a bad situation. you choose to act childish, and make fun of how people talk. as if that some how translates to intelligence. you obviously don’t speak with a country accent. yet your dumber than dog shit. made apparent, as you don’t see the usefulness, or value of creating a tool out of scraps. or maybe your just jealous over the fact that some good’ol boy came up with something out of nothing, that people use, and is being posted all over the wed. all the while your greatest contribution to society is being a nozzle at the end of a disposable bag.

      • Your English Teacher says:


        Please note that your reply contains several grammatical errors. The correct use of capitalization at the beginning of sentences is important. Your use of the word “your” in place of the contraction “you’re” in two locations shows that you are “dumber than dog s—” yourself. A quick glance back at your writing would have certainly revealed that you used the word “wed”, when you obviously meant to say “web”.
        You are obviously a troll out looking for fodder to vent your repressed anger at having been picked last for every team that was chosen in your elementary school recess period. Your energy would be put to much better use if you would get out of your mother’s basement, meet some mature people and interact with them. Maybe even talk to a woman.

        • Melinda says:

          Omg! Great response Teacher!!

        • kathleen in Canada says:

          Two smart-mouth, condescending wise crackers and yet they still clicked the links to take them here. This disrespectful, unappreciative way of behaving says nothing about you, but speaks volumes about them. This idea is ingenious, practical and affordable in a way that a purchased rocket-stove has not been for me. I am grateful for the generousity of spirit it took to share this design, thank you.

        • Jennifer says:

          If you think Roy’s is bad, read the comment from Derick. It makes sense when you read it with a Neufie twang.

    • dave says:

      A word of caution. I had one explode. Leave PLENTY of room around the stove. If it doesnt get much air then all of a sudden it does – BOOM. lol. Backdraft.

  2. Mark says:

    how many uses can you get out of this before it starts to break down ?

    • Marc says:

      I can’t speak to a steel can stove, but I have a similar homemade aluminum can that uses alcohol. It was made in the 90s. I still use it. I think the steel can version should last quite a long time.

  3. Rick Stewart says:

    It looks to me like Derick is a Scot. I could understand him perfectly. As for Roy, minor mistakes can be excused, nay, expected when using such a small keyboard as those on most cell phones.

  4. Anne says:

    I love the idea of a rocket stove. It would be great in an emergency situation, like if you got stuck in a snowstorm away from people. Just keep the supplies in a little bag to make when it’s needed. It could save your life! I think it’s great when someone can share the survival knowledge they have learned. Thank you

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