Roomoon Hanging Tent Among The Trees


If you love going on trips with your tent, be prepared to have your mind blown! This awesome and increasingly popular trend is capturing more and more of people’s interest. Now, who doesn’t like an exploration of nature but also seeks to have a bit of comfort and security when sleeping in the wild. Tree-houses are one solution, but a costly one and surely not one that would be handy on your next trip in the forest. That’s why tree tents are a perfect alternative! Lightweight, portable, and with less impact on trees than their wooden counterpart structures, the tree tents have a simple yet clever design.


When you see this actually available for you to acquire, you won’t believe it was just a college project a while back. The hanging tree tent, or The Roomoon as its makers branded it, is made from a stainless steel frame, push pins, lightweight sturdy pine boards, and covered in canvas, with zippered openings throughout, so you can enjoy the surrounding landscapes to the fullest. Be sure to check out the entire set of photos featuring this amazing piece of design. Grab a piece before they become the norm in adventure seekers!









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