Rotating Electrical Outlet


We all know how annoying it is when you want to plug in an electrical device but it just doesn’t fit, because there are already some other things plugged in the electrical outlet. So when there is not enough room for another device you need to use an electric lengthener. But what if there was a cheap and easy solution for your problem? This great item is an electric outlet, which changes position as it rotates around and makes it easier for you to plug in power cords in any situation. It can be used in the kitchen, where you need to plug in several appliances, in the bathroom, in your office and even in the living room. So as you can see it is quite a useful invention and it only costs $5, so it is worth the investment as it will make your everyday tasks much easier..Outlets swivel a full 360 degrees to accommodate plugs and adaptors of all sizes ..This is available on Amazon.

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