Samsung Redesigned Its TV Boxes to be Easily Converted Into Cat Houses and Entertainment Centers

Samsung is taking a step forward towards becoming more sustainable as it thought of a clever way of recycling its TV boxes. They came up with a box that can be easily transformed by anyone at home into cat houses or entertainment centers. How cool is this idea?

Their packaging can become a magazine rack in no seconds or a tiny house for your little furry friend. Since companies are looking for more eco-friendly ways of packaging and reducing their carbon footprint, Samsung seems to be winning this game with its new approach.

There aren’t lots of details about where their cardboard is coming from and what kinds of materials they are using, but they are surely encouraging people to upcycle their TV boxes instead of throwing them away. The cardboard boxes have a dot matrix on them, which makes the transformation easy by following the instructions and they even have a QR code on them that contains an instruction manual.

If you don’t want the Samsung logo displayed all over your house on your new furniture, you can always buy some nice spray paints and color the cardboard racks, shelves, and cat houses.

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