Savory Spinach Pie Recipe


If a delicious dish is something you wish, choose a savory meal with spinach! A nice blend of dessert with a nutritious meal, the spinach pie is perfect for the upcoming Easter dinner. We present you in detail, how you too could make it. Follow the instructions to the point. Start by making the dough with these:

• half a kilo of flour;
• a couple of ml of dry white wine (warm);
• a pinch of salt;
• about a hundred ml of extra virgin olive oil;

Use a mixer to combine all the ingredients until they become a smooth and homogeneous composition. Put it in a plastic wrap and move onto making the filling, for which you will need:

• one egg;
• 350 grams of spinach (boiled);
• some bread crumbs;
• 100 grams of parmesan (grated);
• 350 grams of ricotta;
• salt & pepper for taste;

Pour the spinach in a medium-size bowl and stir it together with the ricotta. Pour the cheese, egg and salt & pepper. Combine them well. Now, unwrap the dough, divide it into two, roll each ball into two circles and sprinkle the crumbs all over the surface. Next, spread the spinach mixture in two circles, just like in the way shown in the picture. Sprinkle the Parmesan over and place the second piece of dough. Take a fork and seal the margins of the two circles of dough. Put a small bowl upside down on the center of the dough and press gently. Use the fork again and puncture briefly around the bowl. With the help of a knife, slice pieces of 2 cm all around like in the photos. Twist each slice and put to bake for half an hour at 350 F (180 C) degrees .


20 Responses to “Savory Spinach Pie Recipe”

  1. Lindsey Groom says:

    Would love you to come up with a delicious sweet filling for this pie!

  2. Rod P. says:

    It says 180 degrees F? The recipe is all in metric. Are you sure it’s not CELSIUS? 350 Degrees F?

  3. Daniela says:

    Is 180 F enough to bake the dough? Seems a little low to me.

  4. Sara Jane says:

    makes me wish i would have paid attention to those metric lessons in college…

  5. Linda says:

    I suggest ppl to check the original reciepe.. it sais 200 ml of wine, not “a couple” abit of difference.. 90 ml of olive oil, and 10 g salt. The filling is correct.

  6. A.M. says:

    In response to the last three comments, the recipe clearly states degrees C or Celsius and not degrees F. Also the Metric System is usually first taught at the elementary school level at the 3rd or 4th grade. I also find it very amusing that one of the respondents claims the Metric System is first taught at the college level.

    Obviously, these respondents are from the United States – a country which along with Liberia and Myanmar are the only three countries in the world still using the pre-historic imperial System. As a result, the most powerful nation in the world should have joined the global majority in going Metric decades ago.

    • grab2398 says:

      It’s sad how some people have to find negativity in something as simple as a recipe post. How sad you must be to have such a great need to put others down.

    • Robbie says:

      I don’t understand the metric system either and I’m over 40. I still use the imperial system… haven’t found anyone any friends who refers to the metric when in discussion. I convert all unless the useless baking tools say what it actually is… lol 😉

  7. Joyce says:


    Kan iemand mij vertellen of de rucotta er droog of gekookt door geroerd mag/moet worden?

    Alvast bedankt. Jiyce

  8. Joyce says:

    Good evening,
    Can somebody tell me if the ricotta gets boiled or dry into the recepie.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards Joyce

  9. Jennie says:

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  10. BB says:

    I don’t understand all the grumbling. Most digital kitchen scales will do both measurement systems. If not, there are many conversions apps for phones. If that doesn’t work, you can … I don’t know… use Google and look it up. If measurement conversions cause you that much stress, maybe you shouldn’t be baking.

  11. Lolo says:

    Can someone please translate this for me. Im from America and would like to make this.

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