Sea Urchin Wear Shells Like Hats So Aquarists Made Tiny Hats for Them To Wear Instead

Tiny hats on animals are probably the cutest thing ever, and someone even made some for underwater creatures.
Sea urchins live on seabeds and there is a wide variety of them, more than 950 to be more specific.
They are also known as sea porcupines, because of their spikes that help to keep themselves protected from predators. These marine creatures use camouflage and shells or stones to hide them and ensure their survival.
Morgan Kester is a biologist who learned more about sea urchins recently and decided to share the findings on social media.
It seems that aquarists made 3D-printed tiny hats for sea urchins to cover their heads and showered them with all sorts of designs, from cowboy hats to classy top hats.
Studies show that the extra weight on top of the sea urchins, helps them stay in place and not get carried away by sea currents, but also keeps them safe from predators.
Redditor VanillaBean5813 made the 3D hats after learning more from his aquarist dad and shared some useful insights about the sea urchins’ lives.
So, besides the tiny hats being adorable, they also serve a higher purpose by keeping these small marine creatures safe in their environment.



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