Seashells Turned into Trinket Dishes

Finding new mediums and canvases is an intriguing task for contemporary artists and many of them choose to express themselves in unconventional ways. From painting on teabags to leaves and other unexpected objects, artists are in constant search of reinventing themselves and art.
Mary Kenyon is a crafter from California, who works with seashells and creates beautiful jewelry dishes out of them. The results are stunning little gems that look like ancient treasures hidden by adventurers of the sea. Kenyon was inspired in her arts and crafts journey by her father who himself was a painter and leather carver, and before passing he left her all his paints and tools. Her shell-shaped dishes have a vintage feel, due to the use of the decoupage technique and old imagery which are then decorated with hand-painted details.
Kenyon’s trinkets will take you back to a time of elegant ballrooms and you’ll feel like a true aristocrat holding them. You can order your very own from her Etsy shop or offer them as a gift to someone dear. These are available in the link below…

Find it HERE…

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