Seatbelt-Inspired Walking Aid Ensures Comfortable Strolls with Your Elderly Furry Friends

Steady, the seatbelt-inspired walking aid for elderly dogs, is a remarkable innovation designed to enhance the quality of life for furry companions facing mobility challenges. Conceived by the talented team of Jungmin Park, Chaewon Lee, and Seungha Baek, the device is rooted in a thoughtful understanding of the unique health issues encountered by senior dogs during their strolls. The seatbelt-inspired design provides vertical support, assisting dogs with arthritis, disc problems, and other walking-related health concerns. The inclusion of a sensor for measuring walking data and analysis results further distinguishes Steady as a cutting-edge solution for the care of elderly dogs. In collaboration with the veterinary department of Zurich University, the designers prioritized the comfort, freedom of movement, and adaptability of Steady to different terrains. Mimicking the structure of a seat belt, the device offers a flexible range of motion without relying on electricity.

The straps support the dog’s belly from behind, allowing for unhindered walking, and the length adjustment is straightforward, accommodating dogs of various sizes. Steady seamlessly integrates with joint-protective clothing, acting as a harness, and its strap part stretches and reduces like a seat belt, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for both the dog and the handler. Additionally, the device’s practical features, such as the ability to stand securely and a rotating supporting structure for convenient storage, make Steady a reliable and user-friendly companion for both elderly dogs and their owners. The accompanying Steady app enhances the overall experience by providing insightful data on the dog’s walking patterns, enabling owners to identify potential issues and ensure the well-being of their beloved pets.

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