See the Incredible Skeleton Flowers that Turn Translucent When it Rains

Have you ever heard of Skeleton Flowers? They are a type of woodland blossom that turns their petals transparent when coming in contact with water and the results are breathtaking.
The flower’s scientific name is Diphylleia grayi and it is a rare one as it can be found in very few parts of the world. It only grows in moist mountain areas in Japan, China, and the Appalachian Mountains. The process undergoing when water touches its petals is a result of the white flower’s loose cell structure.

When raining, the water flows through the cells of the petal and turns it crystal clear and truly unique. Once the humidity goes away and the petals dry, the regain their natural aspect and turn back into white flowers.
This is such an interesting phenomenon to observe, and thanks to modern technology someone managed to film the entire process and made a video presenting it.

Find it HERE…

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