Shipping Container Converted Into a 320 Square Feet Tiny House in Texas is For Sale

Modest on the outside, a gem on the inside, this can be the perfect description for the home showcased here. When you first see it, the red storage container doesn’t look anything like a house lived by someone. Take a step closer and the signs of a home show themselves. The awesomeness unveils itself when you go inside. An open space room is welcoming you, along with a modern interior design. The floor as well as he walls are paneled with wood to give a more cozy ambiance. The furniture and other appliances are modern in order to make a good combination with the color palette. Take the virtual tour and see for yourself! This Container House in Texas was listed for sale.

“This is a used shipping container converted into a new home”

20 Responses to “Shipping Container Converted Into a 320 Square Feet Tiny House in Texas is For Sale”

  1. Dorothy M. says:

    I love it!
    Where can I find a container and do they qualify as a home by building code?

  2. Hokowai Rotarangi says:


  3. warren trout says:

    Why almost always a full size 4 burner range in a Why not a 2 burner cooktop and a dishwasher instead

    • Devi says:

      Because one might want to live small, doesn’t mean they should have to forfeit cooking. You’re obviously someone who just heats things up.

    • janjamm says:

      I agree. Few people use more than two burners at a time. Plus there is no exhaust vent over the stove/oven! I can’t imagine the oven at 375 degrees in this tiny space.

  4. Gregory D Lake says:

    It looks to be water and air tight! How is the inside air changed?

  5. Amy says:

    I wanted to see the bathroom and bedroom like the entire place maybe and I didn’t see a fan above the stove which is illegal

  6. Jay Jay Fad says:

    I love how people post questions on the website, is that the internet equivalent of talking to yourself? No one is going to answer your questions. People are so stupid, they should contact the seller sand ask them their questions instead of letting them dissipate into the ether. Hello? Is anyone there? Transmission over.

  7. Devi says:

    Attractive? Not very.

  8. sylvie says:

    This is not very attractive. No windows. I was hoping the design would show a wall of windows at the back. I would have put a shed or salt box roof with skylights. And all that panelling! Dark and dreary. The workmanship is shoddy, materials cheap. Appliances giant size.

  9. Debbie Todd says:

    I think a couple of our eco-friendly indoor/outdoor rugs would work well in this fab shipping container home! They’re water-resistant and easy to clean and double as picnic rug or beach mat making them so versatile.

  10. Laura says:

    There is a sm vent above the range, heater/ac in bdrm, window in living room plus the entire end opens up. Do you see the ramp leaned up on end?

  11. trumpt blast says:

    Try using a nuwave oven or two and a Nuwave stove top or three !! They are smaller lighter and easy to use plus fast on broiling steak and all on 110v av !!!

  12. janjamm says:

    How is it insulated? It must get terribly hot in the summer sun.

  13. ChillaxDude says:

    Jeez people – if you don’t like it, then just move on – why share your negative comments? If you want floor to ceiling windows, full bath, dining rooms, more closets….then prepare to pay the price. This little sea train is great just as it is. There’s nothing pretentious and it seems comfortable to me. Would also make a great office or a guest house. Not all areas require any sort of building code so don’t assume your requirements are anyone elses’. If this guy wanted a 4 burner range – so be it – it looks fine and he’s happy – it’s about what he wanted not what you want. This is his foundation so you can make yours the way you’d like. It’s called personal preference so respect that not everyone shares your sense of taste or style and vice versa.

    • Billy says:

      Hey, ChillaxDude! Would like to start reading all my posts and replying for me?
      Or better yet, I would like you to respond to some of the doofuses out there who post
      on public pages with their almighty opinions. Some have not learned that it’s a big world with lots of people and lots of viewpoints and who’s to say whose opinion is better…
      It was just a post about a tiny house……

  14. Andrew says:

    What is the price and how do I contact the owner for more information?

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