Singing Nuns Are Bringing 13th-Century Latin Hymns to Contemporary Music Charts

In a music landscape dominated by youthful pop sensations and flamboyant personas, the emergence of the Poor Clare Sisters of Arundel onto the contemporary music charts has been nothing short of extraordinary. With ages spanning from 50 to 96, these unconventional chart-toppers have captured the hearts of audiences with their ethereal renditions of 13th-century Latin hymns infused with a modern twist. Debuting with their album “Light for the World,” which soared to the fifth spot on the UK albums chart, the choir of nuns has returned with another offering titled “My Peace I Give You.” Their journey into the limelight began amidst the chaos of the pandemic, as their serene melodies provided solace to a world in turmoil. Despite their newfound fame, the sisters remain rooted in their rural community in Sussex, upholding an 800-year-old tradition of work and prayer established by St. Clare of Assisi in 1253.

Recording their latest album at the historic convent chapel in Arundel and mixing it at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the Poor Clare Sisters of Arundel endeavor to reintroduce ancient music to contemporary audiences with “My Peace I Give You.” At the heart of the album lies “The Canticle of Creation,” a composition penned by St. Francis of Assisi in 1224, divided across seven soul-stirring tracks. For the sisters, this music transcends time, offering a timeless message of peace and environmental stewardship. Despite their spiritual calling, their music has resonated with listeners from diverse backgrounds, transcending religious boundaries to touch the depths of human emotion. As they prepare for the release of their sophomore album, the nuns remain steadfast in their mission to spread harmony and compassion through their timeless melodies.

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