Sleep in a Transparent Capsule High Above Peru’s Sacred Valley

Capsule-Above-Peru-Sacred -Valley

A trip in the mountains isn’t quite the experience you’ll never forget if you don’t spend the night on the rocky surface. The Skylodge offers you exactly the spectacular experience you’re looking for. Especially if your mountain adventure is set to unfold in Peru! The 3 transparent pods you see in the pictures are attached to one of the cliff-sides of the Peruvian Andes, at a height of 122 meters or 400 feet. The company Natura Viva offers this impressive dwelling opportunity near the city of Cuzco, in the Sacred Valley. Each of the capsule has 24 by 8 meters and is made of polycarbonate and aluminum. Only $300 USD per night must come out of your pocket if you want to stay in the Skylodge. At the end of a 400-foot steel ladder climb, a hike or a zip-wire, the extraordinary transparent capsule awaits you with spectacular views and a breath-taking sleepover. (video on page 3).

Capsule-Above-Peru-Sacred -Valley-1

Capsule-Above-Peru-Sacred -Valley-2

Capsule-Above-Peru-Sacred -Valley-3

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  1. Lynne says:

    Not a chance!!! Not in this lifetime!

  2. Brent Mann Music says:

    “Wow” that would be an awesome unforgettable experience.

    Respectfully, Brent Mann
    Brent Mann Music Veca Records Recording Artist Tampa Florida U.S.A.

  3. Pernille says:

    No, Thanks, hi !!

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