Sleep & Study Loft Unit


You could save some time and effort though, with this Sleep & Study Loft unit. The innovative piece of furniture provides the modern day teenager with a comfortable place to sleep and a somewhat secluded area for study. The wooden frame structure has been engineered for extra durability and safety. The features are built with one main target in mind: saving space. It includes a compact desk, shelves on each side of the desk, and a creative cork panel which you can use to pin important notes or photos. The finishes are made by hand and the entire piece of ingenious furniture is only 71 by 80 by 73 inches.








8 Responses to “Sleep & Study Loft Unit”

  1. İLKNUR says:

    bu mobilyaları nerden bulabiliriz satın almak için

  2. Michelle Whitt says:

    Interested in the full sized white loft bed with desk. Could you tell me the cost

    • Thoralf says:

      build your own from recyceled pallet-wood or other reclaimed timber. It will fit to 100% into your space and it will be a unique design. In my case was the srews and nuts the most expansive parts… oops, I fergot the sandpaper and odorless timberwax-tin…

  3. Brianna says:

    I would appreciate seeing a video on making the bed / putting sheets etc on it!

  4. Ryan says:

    Does this have a materials list that I can use to buy the wood/screws to make this? I am really interested in making this and one more for two of my boys, but I don’t know exactly how much and what kind of wood I’d need… love it though!

  5. Ashley says:

    how much does this cost??

  6. Terry says:

    My son has a loft bed and making the bed and changing the sheets is quite challenging.

  7. Francoise says:

    I would like to know the price of the bed and from where it made so to know the travel and delivery

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