Slow Cooker Corn on the Cob: 6 Healthy, Easy, No-Butter Flavors, With Or Without Foil


Corn on the cob can be a tasty side dish when prepared properly. But what is the secret of a perfect corn on the cob? Well, it seems that crock pots are the answer as this way you will keep all the healthy nutrients inside the corn. So if you have a crock pot, here is a new recipe to try and if not, well then you should definitely consider investing in one. By making corn on the cob in a crock pot you won’t have to boil the corn in hot water, as you will steam it slowly keeping a those healthy juices inside. To learn more details on how to make this a delicious corn on the cob and different variations of it, using a crock pot, check out the following link. Don’t forget to Pin It!


6 healthy, easy, no-butter flavors, with or without foil –  TheYummyLife

You’ll need:

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