Small Apartment with Innovative Hidden Bed by Anthony Gill

Located in Harry Seidler building in Sydney, Australia this beautiful small apartment  was completed by Anthony Gill Architects. The project involved the redesign of an existing a 410 square feet, with the aim to create a space that would suit a couple with a young child. The existing joinery (not original) was demolished leaving only the masonry walls to the bathroom which remains untouched. A new joinery element was inserted to re-configure the space, addressing the issues of privacy, storage and a lack of living space inherent in an apartment of this size. Of course, the most interesting and attractive item was the hidden bed … benefiting from an innovative system, for space-saving idea. What do you think about this idea? With a slightly higher level in another room so you can push the bed and enjoy more space in one of the rooms…

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  1. Diana says:

    Cool solution! But…where is the door between the kidroom and the parents “bedroom”?? There is no privacy at all.

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