Photographer Captures Small Blackbird Hitching a Ride on an Osprey’s Stick

Jocelyn Anderson is a photographer, who discovered her passion for birds a few years ago and she has been taking pictures of them since then. Over the years, she learned a lot of things about birds and recently she caught a surprising image on camera.
Anderson was photographing Great Blue Heron nests when she spotted a red-winged blackbird traveling on a stick that was held by an osprey. It is such a unique moment that it is no surprise the photo traveled around the world and captured the attention of thousands on social media.
Anderson first noticed the osprey that was carrying the stick back to its nest, but then spotted its traveling companion, the blackbird. The other interesting part in this picture is the osprey’s glance which seems to be focused on its mission of bringing back the stick to the nest and doesn’t mind the blackbird tagging along.
According to Anderson, photographing birds is always a challenge as it is hard to find the perfect moment to get close to them, but once they let the viewer into their world, all the wonders will be revealed.


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