Small House on Wheels: The Linden


Tiny houses on trailers are becoming increasingly popular between homeowners but campers as well. So whether you want to travel around while always feeling (and being) at home or you fancy a comfortable trip in the mountains for the weekend (without the trouble of living in a cold tent), this type of home is the perfect answer. The mobile home can be easily the right replacement of a regular house. Take a look at the images to convince yourself that we aren’t mistaken when we say that.

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The designers called this project The Linden. The Linder offer a great residence where the all wood-walls embrace a clever and tasteful designed interior. The living room, suitable for small meetings, is extended to the outside via a nice porch, where you can enjoy the natural views. The loft also includes two dormers which let in more of the natural light and gives space as well. Decorated with style and modern day appliances (like a cooking hob or an A/C unit) and clever features (like storage units built-in the walls) makes the design much more appealing.

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