Small-Space Bungalow on Wheels


Are you in search of an out of the ordinary mobile home to spend your trips in? The 170 square feet craftsman bungalow tiny house on wheels will blow your mind! Totally different from this sort of homes, the architectural marvel shown in the pictures is replicating the lifestyle in a normal-size residence bit by bit. The tiny house consists of 2 lofts with dormers, with a living area, beautiful bathroom and useful kitchen. It even has a small porch, that how awesome it is! The outside and all of the windows and door are made to mimic the design of a beautiful ordinary house. Fitted with all of the devices needed in a proper accommodation, like a working stove and heating, this important detail will definitely push the balance of your decision towards the tiny home. Browse through all of the photos to get a clearer image of how this trailer home could improve your travels in the future.







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    I would like more information and prices.

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    I would like more information please

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