Smart Ideas for Small Spaces

For a maximum benefit from your small interior, you have to use smart solutions that solve the space problem in a beautiful & chic way. Take a look at those functional ideas, they may inspire you. To separate the kitchen from the dining for example in such a small interior, you don’t have to waste a big space to create a regular wall; you could install a nice shelving system like the one in the first picture that will separate rooms but not too much in a pretty way keeping on the open space style, as well as it gives you a good storage place. You can use any corner or unused wall in the apartment to create a small but comfortable workplace; it doesn’t require but a small desk (it could even be attached to the wall without legs) with a chair and maybe some wall shelves. In a very small bathroom, always use the vertical space; storage cabinet under the washbasin, high wall shelves…etc. Never ignore the space under the stairs; it’s a considerable place that could serve practically in different ways; use it as a workplace, a bookcase, a small sleeping area…etc. There are also some visual tricks that make your eyes see the small space larger; like light colors on the walls, white furniture, mirrors, white ceiling, large windows and transparent floor-to-ceiling curtains.

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