A Smart Storage Solution For Any Kitchen or Workshop


In some cases the shelves you have in your kitchen are not enough as a deposit space and some of the jars may be left outside. An efficient solution would be to add another shelf below the ones you’ve already had installed. Just like in the image. In order to mount the lid you will need 3 wood screws, just to be sure that your structure stays in place. We advise you to place jars of the same size on this shelf, this way it will look nice and clean.

storage-jars-under-shelf-1 Spices Hanging Rack & Storage solution for screws and other small pieces.

2 Responses to “A Smart Storage Solution For Any Kitchen or Workshop”

  1. Dw says:

    My grandfather was doing this back In the 60’s and probably before

  2. Sofia says:

    I love this type of storage.
    We used it in our kitchen and our garage as well.
    We used magnets and glue and magnetic bars/strips.
    We bought everything at http://www.magnet-shop.com and we are very satisfied.

    The kids have their own little jars with snacks or candy for the day. They can pick it up any time without asking, because the amount I put in, is the ration for the day.
    We also do that with cereals:-)

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