Smart Student Unit


Housing for students are a constant issue for campuses, even more since the number of college attendees is on the rise. Luckily for some universities, Tengbom Architects has come up with the perfect money-saving and environment-friendly solution. Check out this amazing design of mini-home for students. The partnership with the Univeristy of Lund resulted in a 10 square meters space of pure awesomeness. The mini-home has all of what a regular size apartment would offer, including small kitchen, folding dinner table, and cabinet space. 



Now, the special thing about this tiny house, aside from its attractive and efficient home design, that sets it apart from others of the same kind, lies in the building materials used. The main material, cross-laminated wood from the local area, is said to halve the carbon footprint of the entire establishment. Students will find such a home quite desirable, as it has the comfort and privacy of a normal apartment and a creativity-inspiring space for sleeping above the working station, accessible via a clever wooden stairs which can double as shelve space.




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