Couple Finds Over 60 Bottles of Smuggled Whiskey From Prohibition Times Hidden in Their Walls

A couple in upstate New York stumbled upon a rare treasure in their home. Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker live in Ames, New York in an old house that had surprising secrets hiding in its walls.
Legends have already circulated about the old house and it was known to be owned by a German bootlegger back in the days of Prohibition. After the first year of moving in, the couple decided to renovate the house and that’s when they discovered the 60 smuggled bottles of Scottish whiskey hidden inside their walls.
Almost all the bottles are unopened and date back to the Prohibition era, being proof that the former owner ran a serious business of smuggling.
Drummond, who is both a designer and a historic preservationist knew instantly that they have stumbled upon a real treasure.
When they discovered the straw packages full of whiskey inside their walls, Drummond has quickly put together the pieces of the story.
The couple had documented the renovation and the mysterious discovery on their Instagram page, and you can follow them for more details about this amazing story.

Drummond told that he was removing outside skirting from a mudroom when he found the bottles of whiskey wrapped up in brown paper

  • Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker purchased a 1915 fixer-upper in the town of Ames late last year
  • The pair began renovating the residence last month and discovered bottles of whiskey concealed between walls and beneath floorboards
  • They have found 66 bottles of Old Smuggler Gaelic whiskey and believe there could be more hidden throughout the home

Couple discover 66 bottles of $1,000 Prohibition-era whiskey called ‘Old Smuggler’ hidden in walls and floorboards of their Upstate NY home that was once owned by a German baron bootlegger

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