Make a Snowman With Plastic Cups


It’s kind of difficult to bring a real snowman at your Christmas party without it melting in half an hour. But it’s much easier to make your own! And if you use plastic cups for this, you will get a sympathy bonus from your friends; eco is the way to go. It will also be in theme with the party. So, all you need is:

• plastic cups, 2 different type of sizes
• staples
• colored paper


Instructions: Staple the plastic cups like shown in the images, until you get a nice ball for your snowman. Use the smaller cups for the head.  Staple the two (or three if you have 3 different types of cup sizes) together. Decorate with the colored paper. The cups can be filled to make eyes, nose and buttons. Imagine all sorts of accessories, like that neat hat in the picture. Have fun!

39 Responses to “Make a Snowman With Plastic Cups”

  1. Cathy says:

    How many cup of each size are needed.

    • Gwen says:

      We started ours today and depends on size of cups.. we didnt make ours completely closed on ends but used about 144 9oz cups on bottom, 133 3.5oz cups on top for the first one .. the 2nd one we made 3 levels high used about 220 16oz cups on bottom made it about 5′ tall.. we also used twinkle lights in ours..

      • Vicki Frakes says:

        you said you added lights to the 3-tiered snowman. How many strands of lights and total lights did you use? Thanks.

  2. Deb Swales says:

    add some holes in the bottom of the cups, insert white lights into each hole and you have a very nicely lite up snowman!

  3. Sarah says:

    I was just going to say that it would be great if it could be illuminated in some way. Fairylights in each cup are a brilliant idea. Adding this to my DIY projects on Pinterest 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gail says:

    what is under the cups?

  5. Fern says:

    This is cute… but someone please explain how using new plastic cups is eco-friendly?

  6. Huh? says:

    How is this even remotely “eco” as is claimed in the article? Simply a huge waste of brand new plastic cups that will be thrown out after the party. Much better to get an inflatable snowman from Canadian Tire.

    • kim says:

      Oh my people are note worried about Eco friendly then on how to use plastic cups for decorating really an if save properly it could last yrs I wonder how many of these people claiming to be Eco friendly actually are lol great job by the way some people can be so artsi love it

    • Karen McLeod says:

      It can be saved forever!

    • Tammy says:

      I reused my k cups from my kuerig which indeed makes it eco friendly. I also used my used coffee grounds from my k cups to fertilize my garden soil again making it explains friendly. Use your imagination and you can make most eco friendly.

    • Marilynn says:

      Use the cups from the party instead of throwing out

  7. Loving mom says:

    I’m not so sure about saving money but a great way on greeting the family and kids together and spending time together !! Have fun in the Christmas times

  8. Nancy Donahue says:

    So cute why would they have to thrown away ? put a plastic bag over it and store it for next year. Made my back hurt watching her make it.

  9. Cindy says:

    Great idea, reuse able as take apart for spring and summer party balls

  10. Emm says:

    We used to make large basks like this to hang up outside in the trees. Only we used a solder iron to burn hills in the bottom and sides and that’s what made them stay together because it melted the cups together. Then we would put a string of colored lights in it. It looked really cool at night to have a bunch of these lit up in the trees.

  11. Emm says:

    We used to make large balls like this to hang up outside in the trees. Only we used a solder iron to burn holes in the bottom and sides and that’s what made them stay together because it melted the cups together. Then we would put a string of colored lights in it. It looked really cool at night to have a bunch of these lit up in the trees.

  12. z says:

    I’ve got one section done with 3 oz cups. Never saw how she attached.head to body. Anyone know and where to find 5 or 6 oz cups

  13. Gloria says:

    Not sure if you know this, but cannot pin onto Pinterest because “Link might lead to inappropriate content”

  14. HelenPilecki says:

    Starting now ask everybody to save their used k-cups. Good start for next Christmas.

  15. Brittany says:

    It’s only Eco friendly if you use recycled cups, which is completely possible. Go to your local recycling center and ask if they could help you out by setting aside your desired items for you instead of sorting them. This is a great idea they just didn’t show it in it’s best light is all. I temp work and volunteer at my community recycling center and we just got a drop off of a bag full of K-cups (which aren’t recyclable because it’s a mix of different plastics) and I’m going to make some small versions of this very thing!

  16. Glinda says:

    Does anyone know how to attach the head to the body?

  17. says:

    Plastic in any form is not environmentally friendly. Don’t think anyone is going to store that item attar winter is over

  18. Bridgette says:

    I love this snowman and want to do it but an only get 7oz cups how can I make head smaller
    Someone please help

  19. Jojo480 says:

    Instead of using staples, could hot glue be used?

  20. Psahym says:

    Pls help..I wanna know how many plastic cups for each layers if I’m gonna use 3 oz size..

  21. Andrea says:

    I just used 300 for the bottom ball, all 3oz. Depends on how big you make it, I am going to have to go get more

  22. Zakiya says:

    We used a hot glue gun, much easier than stapling

  23. Lori Larko-Wilch says:

    My friend has had hers for 4 years. Her son made it in school.

  24. Chelsea says:

    Hi where did you get them size cups from please

  25. Peter says:

    If you throw it the sea when you are finished, it will last for ages. The whole planet gets to enjoy your creation and unnecessary waste of single use plastics. It’s a win win.

  26. Linda says:

    I’m trying this using K-cups but can’t find a stapler with a narrow enough head to fit inside the cups. Any suggestions?

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  28. Robin says:

    What are the cups attached to in the middle and if you use k cups how many would you need?

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