Beautiful Snowy Owl Has Returned to Central Park After 130 Years

Central Park has a new resident that captured everyone’s attention when it appeared this year on the 27th of January. The magnificent visitor is a snowy owl, which was spotted first in Manhattan and the people of the Internet learned quickly about the event through the Manhattan Bird Alert Twitter account.
Residents of the area rushed to Central Park to see the beautiful bird for themselves and witness this historic moment since the last sight of a snowy owl in the park was in 1890.
Snowy owls usually do not wander into cities, as they prefer cold and rural areas. Bird enthusiasts have managed to identify the owl as a young female and excited New Yorkers kept observing her from afar through the entire day. The New York Times noted that the Parks Department kept a close eye on the snowy owl, so it won’t get disturbed by visitors and there was only one occasion when they had to intervene.
Due to other territorial birds living in the park, such as red-tailed hawks, the stay of the snowy owl was a short one, but New Yorkers managed to get a bit of excitement in their lives in these trying times.


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