Soft Wood Tiles

Soft Wood Tiles provide a foam floor mat that has the appearance for light oak or dark oak wood flooring. Each tile interlocks like a puzzle. Tiles are easy to install, low cost, light weight, and water resistant which means they can be installed in a variety of situations. These foam flooring tiles also help to reduce sound transmission and help to keep users insulated from cold subfloors below. Each tile comes with two removable edge pieces attached which allows you to turn any tile into a corner, border, or center tile. Learn more about Soft Wood Tiles in the link below..


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10 Responses to “Soft Wood Tiles”

  1. mariappan says:

    I need price and availability. in tamilnadu where ?

  2. abhay agarwal says:

    Interested in dealship pls send details and pics ECT

  3. Mwape Pambwe says:

    Interesting and innovative way to furnish interior floors. How can I order your product? Please avail me your catalogue as well.

  4. Zia Ur Rehman says:

    I want rate this tiles in Pakistani Rupes
    how possible to buy this product purchase in Pakistan (Islamabad)
    Zia ur Rehamn

  5. Adri says:

    Can we get it here in South Africa?

  6. Anne says:

    I require price and shipment to South Africa – full details inregards please.

  7. Eva Main says:

    Can these tiles go straight over a tiled floor or would you have to put something on over the floor first

  8. Nancy Dinnel says:

    please send me Prices

  9. LA says:

    *****Theso are available on AMAZON*****

  10. An says:

    My only question is how strong are these for instance if some is wearing high heel will she break a ankle?

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