Some Turtles Have Nice Shells


At first glance, house trucks might seem like monstrosities roaming on the roads. But when you take a look closer and even have the chance to spend some time in one of these interesting small living spaces, you tend to become fond of it and truly admire those people who made an effort to really transform the structure into a hospitable environment. Houses `raised` on vehicle chassis are often handmade structures and at the end of quite an extraordinary process the owner gets the benefits of both: transportation and accommodation. Succeeding in making a house truck isn’t easy. Luckily, Roger Beck’s new book will show any curious mind the secrets and hardships of the craft. Entitled `Some Turtles Have Nice Shells`, the journal of an experienced man in this domain contains a bunch of beautiful house trucks projects made throughout the years. With plenty of details and quality photos from the construction phases, the book is a sort of guide for designers and a fountain of ideas for those who want to venture on making their own house truck.




Housetrucks-and-Housebuses-4 Housetrucks-and-Housebuses-5

Some Turtles Have Nice Shells: A Picture Book of Handbuilt Housetrucks and Housebuses

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