Space-Saving Design: Modern Coffee Table


Keeping up with the latest in interior design is kind of hard. You always have to browse the magazines and latest websites, and you must go to a design gallery at least a month, especially if you want your living room to get praised every time one of your hip friends comes to visit. Well, there’s another way you can impress. By showing off with this stylish coffee table! Don’t worry if you can’t find it in the shops; it’s perfect for a DIY project, with the assistance of a carpenter, of course. The minimalistic design and particular utility puts it right next to the latest showcase in interior design. The nice piece of furniture is composed of a rectangular table which can house 4 pouf chairs or ottomans. The materials used are lacquered wood for the table, and cotton fabric with dark gray polystyrene padding for the ottomans (which make them very light). With the chairs easily removed from the room beneath the table, the whole piece is useful when you’re in need of space in the living. And when there are many people in your residence, wondering how do you manage keeping your home in such style, you can always pull out an extra chair and invite them to have a cozy cup of coffee on your elegant and slick table.


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