Space Saving With Multifunctional Furniture by Orla Reynolds

Starting from the idea of having more room within crowded spaces, this new space-saving solution from designer Orla Reynolds brings functional modern design, original and useful. According with OrlaAs if from nowhere… is an independently functioning bookcase which houses four dining chairs and two tables that when placed together become a dining table. It is intended for small living spaces or for those who wish to cater to the unexpected guest.”
Orla enjoys designing multi-functional furniture that is not only functional but provides the user with a sense of play. This can be seen particularly in her debut collection “As if from nowhere”…

2 Responses to “Space Saving With Multifunctional Furniture by Orla Reynolds”

  1. Zarah says:

    Where do u purchase this bookshelf with hidden table and chairs from?

  2. Valentina Gómez says:

    Como puedo comprar este mueble y que costo tiene con envio a Cali, Colombia??

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