Spacious 25 square meters Home-Office


Hotel rooms are mostly associated with the feeling of comfort and relaxation when on vacation. Everyone who rents a hotel room looks for a cozy sleeping place that can make you feel as if you were sleeping in your own bed. But how about those who travel a lot with work and need a hotel room that can be used also as an office? Concrete Architectural Associates had a great idea and they created the Zoku Loft in Amsterdam, a hotel room that is more like a home-office. When it comes to this loft the emphasize was put on functionality and the creation of a micro-apartment that has everything you might need while traveling and working at the same time. The Zoku Loft apartments have 25 square meters and they decorated in a modern and space saving way. The emphasis was put on the working and living space and the sleeping area is put on a second plan. Take a look at this perfect little loft that is practical both for professionals and adventurous travelers!








Designed by Concrete Architectural Associates

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  1. Aneka Firdaus says:

    I’have land that area is (10×8)m. Can I get a home design two floor?
    Thank before..

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