Spherical House Design


This home might look like it had been taken out of a movie scene, but it actually exists and it’s even more amazing than it seems at a first look. It is a ball home, located in the heart of nature it resembles the planets from our solar system. The large open areas allow free admission of light, which saves energy and enlarges the entire space. The surrounding trees provide good shade, keeping the house cool in summer. This house it’s built using demolition wood, that gives a rustic aspect to the residence and completing it with materials used on oil platforms. To learn more about this stunning residence, stay here and see the pictures of the interior.







3 Responses to “Spherical House Design”

  1. Brian says:

    My wife and I are interested in something like this but we want to visit some and talk to owners. Any suggestions where to start?

  2. holly says:

    Interested in pricing.

  3. A says:

    Hey, i just watched a report about a frenchengineer who built his spherical house in the 70’s! His house is so amazing! He has a book about the pronciples of how to build such houses! The report was on DW channel /euromax programme. I couldn’t memorise his name but i think you can google this episode of this programme dated 6th July 2016.

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