Spherical Tree-House Hotel


We just love tree houses, so you can see why we got really excited when we found this great spherical tree hotel on the internet. According to the owners, this is the first spherical tree house hotel in the world and it will open in the forests of Vancouver Island. Guests will be able to enjoy the view from a height of 15 ft for $145 a night. The hotel was designed by Canadian architect Tom Chudleigh and each one cost over $150.000 as they are made from custom carved wood and fiberglass. The “resort” is comprised by 3 houses and you can enter by walking up some stairs that lead into an interior resembling a boat cabin. Each of these houses has been made for two persons and they come in different sizes. They all have in common a great view and a modern interior.
Just imagine yourself being rocked to sleep by the wind, while staying in this great hotel. Wouldn’t that be nice?








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  1. Mike says:

    This is like that robot from that movie Oblivion with Tome Cruise, and you can actually live in one!, sweet!.

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