Stacking Planters with Watering System


Many gardening projects look awesome, but the work behind them seems overwhelming. Improving the design of your garden doesn’t have to be this way! You might have found DIY tutorials online which show you how you could make a beautiful vertical garden with the help of a bunch of terracotta pots. The amazing Stack-a-Pots will provide you with that and take away the amount of work necessary to make one for yourself. This vertical garden planter has a self watering system, where you can easily combine a water reservoir, a soil separation grid and the normal space for soil, and also a drip tray. In this regard, you might choose this system over a regular one built out of stacked pots. The Stack-a-Pots can be easily hanged by a strong pole if you wish to impress even more. You can simply grow your pretty flowers in such a beautiful multiple pot system. Check out the photos to see if it fits your needs and style.










We have this Watering System Pot available here..

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  1. DawnAnna Nightengale says:

    Where can you buy this at and how much. Thank You

  2. Terri says:

    love it!! Going to order a couples for herbs.

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